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So, you have a great website written in English and you want to reach international markets. What are the options available for having your website translated?
If, you’re like most people, you would love to be able to do this for free. The good news is that there are several options available for having your website automatically translated. For example, Google Translate provides a translation widget that will translate your entire website. The bad news is that translations produced by software produce translated text that is far from being professional or fluent – they usually aren’t even understandable. This is especially true when it comes to languages that are very different from English, such as Chinese. To get the best result in these languages you have to contact the professional translation company like us.
Professional translator
The next step up would be to hire a professional translator    . An experienced translator will be able to translate your message accurately and elegantly. Translation rates typically vary from 0.03 USD per word to 0.30 USD per word. Why such a large difference? Common factors that affect translation rates are the difficulty of the text to be translated, the deadline, the language to be translated into, availability of translators for that language-pair, the translator’s experience, the amount of text to be translated and the required quality. To ensure you get the best translation, you always want to choose a translator that is translating into their native language. For example, if you were looking for an English-to-Spanish translator, their first language should be Spanish, rather than English. Of course, this becomes even more important the greater the difference between the two languages is. You’ll know what this means if you’ve ever read anything in “English.”

As even the best translators make mistakes, the next step up would be to hire a team – an agency or company that specializes in translation like Translators typically work in teams in order to produce high-quality translations under tight deadlines. One translator will translate the text and a second will proofread it. Depending on the difficulty and quality target, there may even be a third or fourth revision. The resulting translation should be much more polished than the work of a single individual translator. Of course, the price goes up accordingly. Reputable translation agencies seldom charge under 0.10 USD. The best teams are composed of individuals with different strengths. For example, to translate marketing materials about database management software, it would be ideal to have one translator knowledgeable about database management and another that knows how to write marketing copy that sells.
Professional Website translation
Finally, once you get your translated website online, you’ll want people to read it, right? Unless you already have a steady flow of traffic from readers of your target language, you’ll need to promote your website to reach them. A great way to start is to ensure that your website text is optimized for search engines. This requires a translator that is also able to do the proper keyword research in order to choose key phrases that will actually be searched for by your target readers. There are many professional translation companies which make such smart SEO friendly content like  It’s an additional bonus if your translator or agency is able to optimize the webpage code for search engines and translate the “hidden text” on each webpage such as the page description and image tags. When you have a website that is ideal for both your readers and search engines, you’ll be able to attract readers that are actively searching what you are selling and turn them into customers!

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